Emergency Checklist for Blocked Drains in Tallai, Nerang, Worongary, and Springbrook

A little preparation can make a big difference when disaster strikes. This applies to everything from severe weather to plumbing. Leaks, clogged drains, and hot water failures can threaten floors, walls, and electrical systems, all of which might develop into an emergency situation. Fortunately, there are many ways you can prepare yourself, your business, and your family to respond correctly and safely in an emergency situation.

3 Steps for Plumbing Disaster Preparedness

Everyone has a different comfort level when it comes to handling plumbing problems. Some might even have experience with plumbing, and are comfortable diagnosing problems and choosing the best solution. Most people are somewhat less experienced, for whom a plumbing emergency might become a very difficult, or even dangerous, situation. Here are a few simple ways to prepare for a blocked drain or other plumbing emergencies:

1) Know your plumber. If nothing else, make sure you know your local plumber and how to reach them in an emergency. The refrigerator is a common place to keep emergency phone numbers, and a good plumber should be on that list. If you’re in Tallai, Nerang, Worongary, or Springbrook, take a moment to get to know the friendly staff at Tallai Plumbing and add their phone number to your list.

2) Know your plumbing. While not everyone keeps a complete plumbing diagram handy for their home or business, you should know where and how to turn off the main water supply. Even for blocked drains, it may be necessary to shut off the water to repair the problem.

If you rent, check with the rental office for when and how to do this. If you own your home or business and don’t know where your water main is located, check with your local planning office, plumber, or contractor for help.

3) Keep basic supplies handy, including absorbent towels, a toilet plunger, and a flashlight. If you are experienced with basic plumbing, check that your tools fit the plumbing in your home or office. DIY supplies like a toilet snake and chemical drain cleaners are good to keep on hand, but should be used under the direction of an experienced plumber.

Check Tallai Plumbing’s Helpful Hints and Tips for guidance on specific problems, including blocked drains, leaks, and hot water failures.

Blocked drains are no problem if you’re in Tallai, Nerang, Worongary, or Springbrook

Clogged drains may be the result of common problems such as impacted grease or hair, but can also be caused by something more serious, like a backed-up septic system. To avoid creating an emergency, call your plumber before attempting any DIY method. Applying the wrong solution could cause more damage, and chemical drain cleaners may cause a toxic hazard if the piping must be disassembled to correct the problem.

Regardless of the reason for the blockage, or what DIY solutions may have already been attempted, Tallai Plumbing is ready to help. Their staff is experienced, professional, and committed to customer satisfaction. Whatever the problem or project, with licensed and insured plumbing experts at your service, plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair is stress- and hassle-free.

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