Very few people are comfortable calling the plumber for any reason at all. No matter what is wrong with your pipes, people always feel self-conscious when something goes wrong as a result of something they put in them. There are many ways you can manage your plumbing at home that can help you avoid a plumber for a while. Even proper maintenance, though, without putting anything unnatural down the drain, you can still find yourself with a wide variety of plumbing problems. In other words, often the reason you have to call is by no fault of your own. In our experience, those enquiring about a blocked toilet are the most sensitive about the issue. The fact is that the most common causes of blocked toilets are not particularly embarrassing, and quite avoidable. Understanding what leads to the problem can spare you from having to give us at Tallai Plumbing a call for a blocked toilet in Tallai, Nerang, Worongary, or Springbrook.

Some of the Most Common Causes of Blocked or Clogged Toilets

It is a common misconception that your blocked toilet is any reason for embarrassment. The most frequent reasons for a toilet clogging are simply from improper use. A vast majority of the reasons correlate to flushing something down the drain that is not supposed to go there. The number one cause of blocked toilets is too much toilet paper. This is not something that you should feel particularly vulnerable about and is most often an issue with toilets regularly used by recently potty trained children.

Speaking of children, they also provide a variety of other bodily fluids that can cause problems in your pipes. Another threat children pose to the smooth flushing of your toilet is that they frequently experiment by throwing different objects into the toilet watching them go down. You may not recall enjoying this activity in your youth, yet if this is why you have a blocked toilet in Nerang, Tallai, Worongary, or Springbrook, you can rest assured we have seen this before.

Flushing Diapers Down the Toilet Leads To a Blockage

Another common call we get for a blocked toilet in Springbrook, Tallai, Worongary, and Nerang is a young mother or father flushing diapers down the toilets. There is so much to learn when you have a baby that no matter how many baby books you read before your bundle of joy arrives, you will likely forget a few things. One commonly forgotten duty by many a recent parent is to dispose properly of diapers, which specifically means not flushing them down the toilet. They are not designed for this and neither are your pipes. If you are a new parent in the area and wish to avoid a blocked toilet in Worongary, Springbrook, Tallai, or Nerang, do not flush your diapers down the toilet!

There are countless other reasons you may have clogged your toilet. None of them, though, should cause enough embarrassment to make the call unworthy of your time. Trust us when we say we’ve seen it all before. Our friendly and courteous representatives will make your plumbing experience quick and painless.

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