Leaking Tap Repair Expert Gold Coast

A leaking tap is one of the common issues in households, but that’s not an excuse to ignore it. Fixing your leaking tap can save you thousands of litres of water every year, as well as other structural repair expenses that may arise from the dampness.

A leaking tap doesn’t always mean you have to get a new one. Most of the time it is possible to fix a leaking tap by reseating the O rings and replacing the washers, although sometimes they are not so repair friendly and need to be replaced. Our work vehicles are fully stocked with spare parts and replacement taps so we can have them fixed fast.

However, it’s crucial who’s holding the wrench. Because a little extra force can damage the tap permanently. This is where hiring a professional makes sense.
Call Tallai Plumbing, your leaking tap repair expert on the Gold Coast and its adjoining areas.

We have the right tools and all the spares handy to provide a quick and effective solution to every leaking-tap problem.

Shower, bath, basin, kitchen, laundry and garden taps, we fix them all.

Call the Best Plumber for Repairing Leaking Toilet

A leaking toilet is just as bad as a leaking tap. Whether there’s a leakage or blockage, we have got you covered.

Is your toilet constantly running, wasting water and costing you money? It is usually fixed by replacing the cistern inlet valve or plunger mechanism. If the cistern is old, it may need replacing,.

Customers love our service because we provide professional, affordable toilet repairs and always leave the seat down.

When you want the best plumber for repairing a leaking toilet, call Tallai Plumbing any day, anytime.

Plumber for Toilet Installation Gold Coast

Maybe you have a chipped or broken toilet or simply want to spruce up your bathroom with a new toilet. Our team are ready to help.

While installing a new toilet, we remove and dispose of the old one carefully and check the surrounding area for any damage before installing the new toilet. We’d remedy any damages before putting the new fixture in place.

This avoids potential later toilet issues and repair work.

We have the tools and experience to install all types of toilets to the exact

specifications. Give us a call today to book an appointment.

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