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While dealing with a plumbing blockage may be your worst nightmare, it’s our specialty.

Whether it’s a blocked toilet or shower, a clogged kitchen sink or stormwater line we can clear  the obstruction quickly and efficiently using our specialised high pressure jet rodding equipment and follow up with camera inspection of the pipe.

A blocked drain or toilet may be the first sign of an underlying problem such as a broken or cracked pipe allowing tree roots to invade.  We can recommend a course of action if this is found.

A blocked toilet can bring your life to a standstill. Just give us a call and we’ll have you back in business before you know it.

Blocked Drains & Pipes Gold Coast 

DIY plumbing fails may be funny or scary or both. But it’s no joke! No matter how it turns out, DIY will cost you big time. Save yourself the hassles with our professional plumbing services that tackle the problem using proven methods, specialised equipment and professional know how.

Specialist Plumber for Blocked Drain

Got a drain blockage and running toilet at the same time? Panic won’t help, but we can. 

Get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can arrive and handle the situation before your house gets flooded.

Plumbing Services for Blocked Pipes

While it’s tempting to save a few bucks with DIY plumbing measures, the result is often far off from expectations. Why risk your time, money, efforts and the property when professional help is just a phone call away? 

Call Tallai Plumbing any time. We’ll show up.

Professional Drain Cleaners

We, at Tallai Plumbing, are professional drain cleaners. Regular training and years of experience helps us to diagnose the problem accurately and fix it effectively. We are able to clear all types of blockages through our advanced cleaning techniques. We do not want you to experience the problem again which is why we not only fix the problem, but also provide you with a permanent solution. Every drain cleaning plumber in our team keeps himself abreast of the latest developments in cleaning techniques & equipment.

We start the drain cleaning process by sending down a CCTV camera into the drain to ascertain the cause of blockage. Once the cause is identified, we either use a high pressure jet or send down our drain clearing equipment i.e. a grinder, to cut through the tree roots or any other obstruction that is causing the blockage. We get your drains flowing again.

Schedule a Routine Drain Cleaning Service

There are many reasons for a drain to get clogged. Flushing down foreign objects like diapers, toys, dental floss, hair, sanitary napkins etc. remain to be the number one cause in the households. For kitchen drains, built-up grease and food waste is the top most cause of blockage. Tree roots are responsible for causing blockages in the drain.

Pouring hot water from time to time may help prevent blockage but it is not a guaranteed prevention against blockages. You should get cleaning done by a drain cleaning plumber from time to time. This ensures that the drains remain clear and a problem, if any, is caught at an early stage of its onset.


Snaking or jet rodding are plumbing techniques used to dislodge clogs by inserting a tool inside the clogged drains. Done using this special equipment, Snaking or jet rodding needs the utmost precision and expert hands of an experienced plumbers.

While there are many tools for drain cleaning on the market, we use and recommend the Sewerquip Jet Rodding Machine.

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