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Do you have a blocked toilet? Is the drain blocked? Many households struggle with blocked toilets. Toilets get blocked mainly because of flushing down things like paper towels, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, baby wipes, dental floss, wet wipes, cotton, hair, etc. Toddlers and little kids find toilets amusing and find it exciting to flush their toys and other objects in the toilet.

One needs to be careful with what they flush down the toilets! Basically nothing should be flushed except water, not even other types of liquids. Just because they are liquids doesn’t mean it will not block the drain. And why flush anything down when you can simply throw it in the bin?

We, at Tallai Plumbing, are your trusted blocked toilet plumbers. We use modern methods to unblock the toilet and give you a sigh of relief!

Blocked Toilet Repair

  • Blocked toilets cleared quickly and efficiently with out high pressure jet rodding machine
  • Camera inspection of pipes included

Blocked toilets are not only a worry but they can be a health risk too. We can clear your blocked toilet quickly and efficiently with our high pressure jet rodding machine and follow up with an inspection of the pipes without a camera. A blocked toilet may be the first sign of an underlying problem such as a broken or cracked pipe allowing tree roots to invade. We can recommend a blocked toilet repair if a problem, like this, is found.

Unblock Toilet Fast in Gold Coast

A blocked toilet is an unpleasant sight and a dreadful experience. It needs to be fixed quickly! With us, you can be assured that the blocked toilet will be repaired soon by our team of professional and experienced plumbers. Give us a call today for a fast and effective solution to blocked toilets in the Gold Coast area. We are ready to help!

Toilet Upgrades

Are you looking for a toilet upgrade? We, at Talai Plumbing, provide efficient and quality toilet upgrades at reasonable prices. We can help you choose the model of the toilet in case you need help. Our team of plumbers are experienced and trained in toilet upgrades, so you can be assured of quality workmanship. In some cases, the pipework may need to be altered, but we assure you that this will be done only when it is inevitable.

Why Choose Us For Blocked Toilet Repairs?

We give you enough reasons to choose us for blocked toilet repair.

  • Camera inspection of the pipes.
  • Use of a high pressure jet rodding machine to clear the blockage.
  • High quality parts and material used for repairs.
  • Quality and efficient repairs.
  • Team of licensed, insured and trained professionals.
  • Strict adherence with Australian standards and practices.
  • Availability in case of emergency.
  • State-of-the-art equipment used.

How To Prevent Blocked Toilets?

There are precautions that you can take to prevent toilets from clogging.

  • Do not flush any foreign object, like diapers, sanitary pads, toys, hair, floss etc., into the toilet.
  • Do not store anything on the top of the toilet tank. They may fall into the toilet resulting in a blockage.
  • Address a slow or weak flush before it’s too late. It may be a sign of a blockage forming.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals to treat a blockage. This may lead to corrosion of old pipes or parts leading to further blockage.
  • Do not flush too much toilet paper at once.
  • Regularly check the internal mechanism of the toilet for damages or defects.

Give us a call whenever you think you need help from a professional blocked toilet plumber.



There might be too much water in the tank. The toilet might have an old flapper that needs to be replaced. Another cause is a long refill tube which isn’t positioned correctly in the overflow tube.

Yes, a damaged toilet seat can be replaced. This can be done by replacing the lid and the seat. Many people try this through a DIY project but we recommend you call a professional plumber for help.

There may not be enough water in the tank. There may be an object stuck. The drain may be clogged. Or your toilet might be too old.

We accept all types of payments be it cash, card or any other mode of electronic payment.

We are your local plumbers. We work for flexible hours so we reach you as soon as you give us a call.

A blocked toilet can be a difficult affair to deal with. If you are stuck in such a situation we are here to help. We can clear a blocked line with the minimum of fuss with our high powered jet rodding machine and inspect the line afterwards for any on going problems with our pipe camera. For this service our charge is about $350 inclusive of gst depending on the problem.

We use a high pressured jet rodding machine to unblock toilets. We can also inspect the pipe line with our pipe camera to see if there may be any ongoing problems.

Blocked pipes and drains may look like everyday problems, but may result into major issues like water not draining, flooding, and sewage backing up, if not addressed properly and on time. So, if you see a problem starting, it’s best to call us straight away. Tallai Plumbing will take care of a blocked drain in no time.

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