Hints and Tips

  • Know where to turn your water off?

    Being able to turn you water off in an emergency will reduce damage and cause you less stress! The tap to turn your water off is in the water meter box which is usually found somewhere along your street boundary, just on the verge side and more often close to one of your side boundaries.

  • Know where your water meter is and check it regularly.

    Now you have found where you turn your water off, you will see in the same box a small meter. You can see the dials turning over. If you are going out, check it as you go and then again when you return. If no taps are on the numbers should not have changed.

  • No hot water!

    Check to see if your hot water service has a water leak, if this is the case you will need a new service. If this is not the case, either the thermostat or element has failed. We can advise on this.

  • Help, you have a burst water pipe!

    Turn your water off and call a licenced plumber.

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  • Dripping taps.

    Just changing the washers isn’t the answer. Where the washer lays needs reseating and the “O” rings and washers replaced.

  • Blocked toilet, sink or drain.

    Have no fear; we deal with these all the time. Just give us a call and we will have you back in business before you know it.

  • A Tap wont turn off.

    This is caused by a broken or damaged washer. Turn the water off at the mains and call a plumber to treat as a dripping tap described above.

  • Water is constantly running into the toilet pan.

    This is caused either by a faulty inlet valve or plunger mechanism. Both can usually be replaced easily, although if your cistern is old you may need to replace it.



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