Plumber for Toilet Installation & Repair


Cistern Repair & Replacement in Gold Coast

Is your toilet constantly running, wasting water and costing you money?  A leaking toilet is just as bad as a leaking tap. Whether there’s a leakage or blockage, we have got you covered. A leaking toilet is usually fixed by replacing the cistern inlet valve or plunger mechanism. If the cistern is old, it may need replacing. When the cost of repairing is unnecessarily high or it is not possible to repair the faulty toilet, we replace it. A new toilet will be more efficient and will save you money in the long run.

Our team of professionals are experienced in toilet plumbing & installations. When you want a reliable and experienced plumber for toilet installation and repair, call Tallai Plumbing any day, anytime.

Leaking Toilet Repair Gold Coast

Not only does a leaking toilet cause wastage of water, it can pose bigger problems for you. Leaks can gradually lead to bigger problems which can prove to be costlier than getting a leaking toilet repaired in the first place.

People often wait for days and sometimes even a month before asking for professional help. By this time a considerable amount of water has been wasted. So, do not commit such a mistake and give us a call today for a quick and effective repair of a leaking toilet.

Repair & Replacement in Gold Coast

You may have a chipped or broken toilet or simply want to spruce up your bathroom with a new toilet, our team is ready to help.

While installing a new toilet, we remove and dispose of the old one carefully and check the surrounding area for any damage before installing the new toilet. We repair damages, if any, before putting the new fixture in place. This helps in avoiding potential toilet issues and repair work in the future.

We have the tools and experience to install all types of toilets to the exact specifications. Give us a call today to book an appointment for all of your toilet plumbing & installation needs.

Plumber for Toilet Installation Gold Coast

Toilet Installations is not an easy task and it’s best done by experienced and skilled plumbers. Our team, at Tallai Plumbing, can source a new toilet at a very reasonable price based on your requirements. They know the ins and outs of the installation process and have been doing this for many years now.

Customers love our service because we provide professional, affordable toilet repairs and installations, and always leave the seat down. Give us a call today for a reliable and quick service on the Gold Coast!